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Effects of functional appliances

Effects of functional appliances For class II with deep overbite Dental effects • Retroclination of the upper incisors and proclination of the lower incisors are usual, although the latter is not found consistently and is best minimised by placing acrylic capping on the lower anterior teeth. • Inhibition of lower incisor eruption and promotion of […]

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Tissue Conditioning : definition | Prosthodontics

Tissue Conditioning : definition | Prosthodontics Definition: Non-surgical methods of improving the patients’ denture foundation tissues, including the use of tissue rest, occlusal correction, temporary soft liners and/or improvement of hygiene. Tissue conditioning is usually considered prior to performing a permanent reline and or making final impressions for complete or partial dentures. Poor tissue health […]

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How can endodontic mishaps be prevented?

How can endodontic mishaps be prevented? How can mishaps be prevented? Learn from experience! Unfortunately, someone, dentist or patient must pay for this learning curve, but we do learn from our mistakes. However, there is one cardinal rule: If a mistake will affect the outcome of the case, the patient must be informed at once, […]

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Access related endodontic mishaps

Access related endodontic mishaps Treatment of the Wrong Tooth Treatment of the wrong tooth can be so easily prevented. One should make sure through inquiry, testing, examining, and radiography that one has confirmed which tooth requires treatment and then mark it with a felt-tip pen (Figure 1). Missed Canals Additional canals in the mesial roots […]

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