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Statistical and Methodological Aspects of Oral Health Research PDF

Statistical and Methodological Aspects of Oral Health Research provides oral health researchers with an overview of the methodological aspects that are important in planning, conducting and analyzing their research projects whilst also providing biostatisticians with an idea of the statistical problems that arise when tackling oral health research questions.This collection presents critical reflections on oral […]

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Navigational Surgery of the Facial Skeleton PDF

Computer-assisted techniques in the surgery of the facial skeleton including the skull base are depicted for the very first time in this atlas of navigational surgery. Experienced surgeons as well as trainees will benefit from the detailed and well-illustrated information on the use of computer technology in clinical routine, accompanied by the experimental basis of […]

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Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 5th edition PDF

With comprehensive descriptions of the basic oral surgery procedures performed in the general practitioner’s office, Contemporary and Maxillofacial Surgery, 5th Edition is a valuable reference for any dental office. This book covers the basic concepts of evaluation, diagnosis, and patient management so that you can immediately apply these concepts to practice. Detailed photographs, line drawings […]

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Textbook of General and Oral Surgery PDF

D.Wray ,  D.Stenhouse ,  D.Lee ,  A.clark This practical resource helps readers arrive at an integrated understanding of both general and oral surgery – in one convenient text. A companion to Wray: Textbook of General and Oral Medicine, it provides the basic principles of general surgery and general medicine and a more detailed knowledge of […]

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Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist – Karl R. Koerner PDF

Karl R. Koerner The Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist provides a clear and thorough practical guide to performing the common surgical procedures encountered in dental offices on a day-to-day basis. Building on a sound basis of the proper protocols and appropriate standards of care, the book approaches each procedure through detailed, […]

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Soft Tissue Surgery of The Craniofacial Region – J.Persing , G.Evans PDF

Whether from trauma, congenital deformity, or disease, many patients can present with disfiguring and debilitating facial defects. This reference presents a range of expertise on soft-tissue surgery of the craniofacial region for improved function and enhanced cosmetic appearance. Covering the latest technologies available, this source includes chapters on laser imaging, burns, cleft palate, and facial […]

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Lasers in maxillofacial surgery and dentistry – L.Clayman , P.Kuo PDF

L.Clayman , P.Kuo This is a step-by-step illustrated guide to the use of lasers in oral surgery and dentistry. The introductory chapters of the book discuss general laser safety, and further chapters cover general laser safety and physics, as well as the use of different lasers. The main focus of the book is covered by […]

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Computer Graphic Facial Reconstruction PDF

Clement, Marks This unique books looks at a cost-efficient, fast and accurate means of facial reconstruction–from segmented, decomposed, or skeletal remains–using computer-graphic and computational means. Computer-Graphic Facial Reconstruction is designed as a valuable resource for those scientists designing new research projects and protocols, as well as a practical handbook of methods and techniques for medico-legal […]

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MaxilloFacial Surgery – Leon A. Assael PDF

  Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty rooted in dentistry and forged in academic medical centers in departments of surgery, as the surgical specialty well equipped to care for conditions of the mouth, jaws, head and neck. Today oral and maxillofacial surgeons are advancing cancer care, neurosciences, understanding the pathology of the region, managing […]

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An Atlas of minor oral surgery principles and practice 2nd edition

An Atlas of minor oral surgery principles and practice 2nd edition PDF by David A McGowan Minor oral surgery comprises those surgical operations that can comfortably be completed by a practiced non-specialist dentist in not more than 30 minutes under local anaesthesia. The first edition of this atlas established itself as a guide book for all […]

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