Bones of the skull – Bony Anatomy of the Head

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Bones of the skull – Bony Anatomy of the Head

The skull is that portion of the human skeleton which makes up the bony frame work of the head. For descriptive purposes, the skull is divided into an upper, dome-shaped, cranial portion; and a lower or facial portion composed of the eye sockets, nasal cavities, and both jaws. The adult skull is composed of 22 bones (8 cranial and 14 facial)

Cranial Bones. The 8 bones of the cranium are:

Parietal (right and left)
Temporal (right and left)

The shape and arrangement of these 8 bones form a bony shell (cranium) that has a central cavity containing the brain. The arched roof of the cranial cavity is called the vault and the floor of the cavity is called the base.

Facial Bones. There are 14 bones in the facial portion of the skull:

Inferior concha

There is only one vomer and one mandible in a skull: the other facial bones are paired.

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