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Retained upper lateral incisor root removal surgery (step by step)

Case : A 24-year-old computer programmer, was concerned about the appearance of his upper anterior teeth. He sought advice on the partially erupted upper right canine and the retained upper left lateral incisor root. The panoramic radiograph, while imperfect, was sufficient to exclude any other pressing surgical problems, although an unerupted upper right third molar […]

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Managing the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dislocation

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located just in front of the lower part of the ear. This joint allows the lower jaw to move. It is a ball-and-socket joint, just like the hip or shoulder. When the mouth opens wide, the ball (called the condyle) comes out of the socket and moves forward. It goes […]

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Nursing Bottle Caries : How To Prevent

Nursing Bottle Caries  is the result of frequent, prolonged contact with liquids that contain sugars such as fruit juices, milk, formula or any other sweetened drinks. Human breast milk is also a contributor to baby bottle tooth decay. As the sugars break down in the mouth, bacteria start feeding on the sugars, produce acids and cause […]

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Meth mouth : Causes, Treatment

 What is Meth Mouth? Meth mouth is a dental condition characterized by severe decay and loss of teeth, as well as fracture, enamel erosion, and other oral problems symptomatic of extended use of the drug methamphetamine (meth). The specific cause of the condition is unknown, although drug-induced xerostomia (dry mouth) and bruxism (grinding of the […]

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Mandible fracture fixation: Ramus.

  step 1: applying the miniplate. step 2: placing the first screw.   step 3:placing the second screw.   step 4: three screws are inserted.   step 5:placing the final screw( 4th one)- most posterior region.  

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Endodontic Radiology, 2nd Edition – Bettina Basrani PDF

Endodontic Radiology 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Bettina Basrani examines all elements of radiographic imaging related to endodontics. Authors build upon conventional radiographic strategies and embody the latest information obtainable on digital radiographs and cone beam computed tomography. More than an overview of apparatus, the book delves into radiographic interpretation, differential analysis, technical difficulties and […]

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Knowing all about wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth or the third molars are known to the last ones to come out. These new teeth can cause problems as they erupt inside your mouth. This is because it will present a change in your dental structure. These alterations can cause you severe discomfort, pain & other symptoms.    Symptoms of Impacted […]

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Impacted tooth : Symptoms, Treatment

An impacted tooth is a tooth that fails to fully pass through the gums. Causes Teeth start to pass through the gums (emerge) during infancy, and again when the primary (baby) teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth. If a tooth fails to emerge, or emerges only partially, it is considered to be impacted. The […]

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Odontoma : Clinical Presentation, Radiographic Findings

Etiology • A hamartomatous or benign mixed odontogenic tumor of the jaw • Composed of enamel, dentin, cementum, and pulp tissue Clinical Presentation • Two forms, as follows: • Complex: a randomly arrayed mixture of dental tissues with no gross resemblance to a tooth  • Compound: multiple, tooth-like structures • Mean age of occurrence, 12 to […]

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Clinical Anatomy of the Gingival Unit

The oral mucosa is divided into three types: (1) masticatory mucosa, which includes the gingiva and hard palate; (2) lining mucosa, which consists of the alveolar mucosa, soft palate, lining of lips, cheeks, and sublingual area; and (3) specialized mucosa, which is found on the dorsum of the tongue.   Masticatory Mucosa (Gingiva) The gingiva […]

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