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Types of tooth movement, force magnitude and duration

Types of tooth movement, force magnitude and duration Although it was previously thought that tipping of a single-rooted tooth (Fig. 1) occurred about a point almost midway along the root, rotation now appears to take place near the apical third within an elliptically shaped area. Half of the periodontal ligament is stressed, with maximum pressure […]

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Orthodontic tooth movement

Orthodontic tooth movement The biological response to a sustained force is determined mainly by the force magnitude and duration, which generate zones of pressure and tension within the periodontal ligament, their extent and location depending on the intended movement. Pressure zones The cellular response relates to whether a light or heavy force is applied. With […]

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Effects of functional appliances

Effects of functional appliances For class II with deep overbite Dental effects • Retroclination of the upper incisors and proclination of the lower incisors are usual, although the latter is not found consistently and is best minimised by placing acrylic capping on the lower anterior teeth. • Inhibition of lower incisor eruption and promotion of […]

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