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Calculus grading scale

Calculus grading scale 0 – No calculus 1- Trace Trace levels of calculus at gingival margin or between teeth 2- Slight Calculus deposits 1 mm or less 3- Moderate Calculus deposits 1 to 2 mm, but covering less than one third of tooth surface. 4-Heavy Calculus deposits grater than 2 mm, may extend over soft […]

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Dental Management Of Patients undergoing Anti-Coagulant therapy

Dental Management Of Patients undergoing Anti-Coagulant therapy Patients receiving Aspirin OR other platelet-inhibiting drugs: 1- Consult physician to stop the anticoagulant therapy. 2- defer surgery until the platelet-inhibiting drugs have been stopped for 5 days. 3- take extra measures for promotion of blood clot formation and retention. 4- restart drug therapy on the day after […]

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Periodontal tissues in children

Periodontal tissues in children The gingiva in children may appear red and inflamed. Compared with mature tissue there is a thinner epithelium that is less keratinised, greater vascularity of connective tissues and less variation in the width of the attached gingiva. During tooth eruption, the gingival sulcus depths may reach 5 mm and gingival margins […]

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The Healthy periodontium

The Healthy periodontium The gingiva is pink, firm in texture and extends from the free gingival margin to the mucogingival line. The interdental papillae are pyramidal in shape and occupy the interdental spaces beneath the contact points of the teeth. Gingiva is keratinised and stippling is frequently present. The gingiva comprises the free and the […]

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