Chronic Pulpalgia : Diagnosis and Treatment

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Chronic Pulpalgia : Diagnosis and Treatment

Chronic pulpalgia is completely irreversible.Patients complains about discomfort for weeks or even years, suppressing the pain with analgesics. Chronic pulpalgia often refers to other teeth or the opposing arch. Pain may be precipitated by biting down on an open cavity. Cold has
little effect, but heat may increase the discomfort. The nature of the pain is Dull throbbing.


  1. On oral examination a huge carious lesion or fractured filling may be found.
  2. Vitality test: The electric pulp tester records a very high reading, or the patient may be able to withstand the “full discharge.”
  3. On percussion one tooth my be more sensitive than others, but biting hard on a cotton roll or a hot water rinse may be even more indicative.
  4. On radio-graph a well-thickened apical Periodontal membrane as well as external root resorption can be found.

Chronic pulpitis is totally irreversible, and the tooth must be treated endodontically or extracted if restoration is not possible.

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