Complete Denture Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

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Complete Denture Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Complete Denture Diagnosis and Treatment Plan are based on following factors

Medical history
– Make efficient use of time – don’t need history of relatives 4x removed
– Follow-up significant positive responses
– Note systemic conditions that impact on therapy (e.g. angina, hepatitis, Sjogren’s syndrome)
– Obtain physician consultations where appropriate
– If some debilitating disease – discuss with instructor – to ensure acceptability
Dental History
– How many dentures, how long patient has worn dentures
– Satisfaction with dentures
– Things patient likes – what they want changed
– Be brief
Clinical Exam – routine clinical exam
Intraoral Exam – Examine one arch at a time – look, then write

1. General tissue health
– Attached mucosa / non attached
– Colour
– Character
– Displaceability

2. Specific Anatomical considerations
– Examine systematically, e.g. posterior 1st quadrant to post. 2nd quadrant, then palate
– Note the significance that a finding has to the therapy you are providing
– Visual and tactile exam.

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