How can endodontic mishaps be prevented?

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How can endodontic mishaps be prevented?

How can mishaps be prevented? Learn from experience! Unfortunately, someone, dentist or patient must pay for this learning curve, but we do learn from our mistakes. However, there is one cardinal rule: If a mistake will affect the How can endodontic mishaps be prevented? outcome of the case, the patient must be informed at once, and the mistake must be noted in the record along with a statement that the patient was informed of the mistake. Too many court cases are lost because of this neglect. Also, patients should be informed before treatment (informed consent) of any possible consequences such as the possibility of a porcelain crown fracture. In addition, if correction of the mishap is beyond the dentist’s skill or knowledge, the case should be referred to someone better equipped to handle its correction, and the dentist should be liable for the correction fee. Don’t argue, don’t be stubborn, and don’t try to cover it up. Remember Watergate! Admit your mistake and make every effort to have it corrected.


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