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    Thumb Sucking And Tooth DevelopmentThis childhood mannerism is normal but not if it continues after the age of 5. The rule is that thumb sucking must end just before primary teeth start coming in since prolonged thumb sucking can lead to the formation of overbites or malocclusions. The sucking action can push out the two front teeth and cause the overbite which can then only be remedied with traditional braces. At the same time, the change in the proper position of teeth will cause the child some difficulty in the pronunciation of certain words or sounds.

    However, you cannot force your child to stop sucking his or her thumb. The decision to stop this habit must first come from your child. The only thing that parents can do is to provide support and encouragement. For instance, if your child wants to stop thumb sucking, then you can cover the finger with band-aid as a form of reminder or take the finger out while the child is sleeping. There might be an underlying cause or reason behind thumb or finger sucking among older children. For instance, your child might see sucking as as some form of security just like clutching a blanket. Ask your child what stresses or scares him that prods him to suck his finger and offer other remedies.

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