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    Taste Disturbance .

    Usually the human being is able to taste five different flavours (salty,bitter ,sweet ,sour ,umami ) .
    However ,some patients come to the clinic complaining from inability to taste the food well as they used it ! It is often to be accompanied with smell disturbance .Generally it differs in severity but the most common type in the non-complete one (Hypogeusia),although the complete type (Ageusia) might be seen .
    Causes : Aging ,Local factors (xerostomia ,salivary gland disease ,irradiation to the oral cavity ) ,Drugs (Antihistamine,Antidepressants ,Protease inhibitors ,Cytotoxic drugs ,Anti hypertensives ) ,Neurological Disorders ,Mal nutrition (Vitamin B deficiency ,Zinc deficiency ,Cancer ) ,Viral (herpes zoster) .

    Treatment : treat the local condition and the causative factor .

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