Pulpectomy : Definition, Indication and Contra-indication

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Pulpectomy :  Definition, Indication and Contra-indication


It is the technique to gain an access to the root canals, remove as much dead & infected material as possible & fill the root canals  with a suitable material to maintain the tooth in a non – infected state.

Complete/Total Pulpectomy:

It is the extirpation of normal or diseased pulp to or near the apical foramen .

Partial Pulpectomy:

It is the extirpation of normal or diseased pulp of tooth with an incompletely formed root & an open apex.


Pulpectomy can be done in following cases:

  1. Irreversible inflammation extending to the radicular pulp
  2. Primary teeth with necrotic pulp
  3. Pulpless primary teeth without permanent successors
  4. Pulpless primary teeth with sinus tracts
  5. Primary teeth with evidence of furcation pathology
  6. Pulpless primary 2nd molars before eruption of permanent 1st molar
  7. Pulpless primary teeth in hemophiliacs
  8. Presence of an abscess
  9. Pulpless primary teeth next to the line of palatal cleft
  10. Pulpless primary molars supporting orthodontic appliances
  11. Pulpless primary teeth when space maintainers or continued
  12. supervision are not feasible


Contra-indications :

Pulpectomy can not be done in following conditions:

  1. Teeth with non-restorable crowns
  2. Pathologic resorption of at least 1/3rd  of the root with a fistulous sinus tract
  3. Peri-radicular involvement extending to the permanent tooth bud
  4. Extensive pulp floor opening into the bifurcation
  5. Excessive internal resorption
  6. Primary teeth with underlying dentigerous or follicular cysts


Medical contra indications

These are medical conditions when pulpectomy is contra indicated:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Immuno-compromised children

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