Swab Holder

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Swab Holder

Armamentarium Used in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

It is an instrument with long blades, expanded at the ends, forming an oblong tip. The blades have a central fenestration and transverse serrations.
1. To hold a swab and clean the area of operation.
2. To swab the throat when there are profuse secretions in an unconscious patient or patients under general anaesthesia.
3. To press on the tonsillar bed to arrest haemorrhage
4. To hold the tongue and give anterior traction, thus preventing tongue fall and airway obstruction in an unconscious patient.


(A) Cheatle’s forceps, (B) Swab holder, (C) The pinchter type towel clip, (D) Beckhaus towel clip


Category: Oral Surgery

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