Uses of a Dental Surveyor

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Uses of a Dental Surveyor

The dental surveyor is a diagnostic instrument used to select the most favorable path of insertion and aid in the preparation of guiding planes. It is an essential instrument in designing removable partial dentures. The act of using a surveyor is referred to as surveying.

Other Uses of a Surveyor:
1. Locating soft tissue undercuts, which can influence the extent of the denture base, the
type of direct retainers and the path of insertion selected.
2. Contouring wax patterns for fixed restorations that will be partial denture abutments.
3. Machining parallel surfaces on cast restorations.
4. Blocking out undesirable undercuts on master casts.
5. Placing intracoronal retainers (precision attachments).
6. Recording the cast position in relation to the selected path of insertion (tripoding).


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