What is the best marginal tooth preparation?

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What is the best marginal tooth preparation?

There is no ideal marginal tooth preparation. The selection of the marginal
design depends on many factors, including:

1. The material used in construction of the full crown:

  • All-ceramic restoration—shoulder or deep chamfer
  • Metal-ceramic with porcelain extended to marginal edge—shoulder or  deep chamfer
  • Metal-ceramic with metal collars—shoulder with bevel or chamfer
  • Full gold crown—feathered edge, bevel, or chamfer

2. The amount of retention needed: beveled or feathered edge affords the
most retention.
3. Seating resistance: shoulder preparation affords the least resistance.

4. Sealing capability: beveled or feathered edge affords the best seal.

5.Pulpal consideration: more tooth reduction is necessary with a shoulder
preparation than with a chamfer; the feathered edge requires the least reduction.

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