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Common Endodontic Mishaps

Common Endodontic Mishaps Endodontic mishaps or procedural accidents are those unfortunate accidents that happen during treatment, some owing to inattention to detail, others being totally unpredictable. A list of the most common mishaps. Access related Treating the wrong tooth Missed canals Damage to existing restoration Access cavity perforations Crown fractures Instrument related Ledge formation Cervical […]

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Anatomical Structures seen on Orthopantomogram

Anatomical Structures seen on Orthopantomogram An OPG which stands for ORTHOPANTOGRAM, gives a panoramic view of the mandible and teeth. It is performed using a technique called “tomography”. The X-ray tube moves around the head, the x-ray film moves in the opposite direction behind your head. This generates an image slice where the mandible and […]

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Complete Denture Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Complete Denture Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Complete Denture Diagnosis and Treatment Plan are based on following factors Medical history – Make efficient use of time – don’t need history of relatives 4x removed – Follow-up significant positive responses – Note systemic conditions that impact on therapy (e.g. angina, hepatitis, Sjogren’s syndrome) – Obtain physician consultations […]

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Midline Diastema

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Periodontal tissues in children

Periodontal tissues in children The gingiva in children may appear red and inflamed. Compared with mature tissue there is a thinner epithelium that is less keratinised, greater vascularity of connective tissues and less variation in the width of the attached gingiva. During tooth eruption, the gingival sulcus depths may reach 5 mm and gingival margins […]

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The Healthy periodontium

The Healthy periodontium The gingiva is pink, firm in texture and extends from the free gingival margin to the mucogingival line. The interdental papillae are pyramidal in shape and occupy the interdental spaces beneath the contact points of the teeth. Gingiva is keratinised and stippling is frequently present. The gingiva comprises the free and the […]

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Clinical Dental Prosthetics 2nd edition

Clinical Dental Prosthetics 2nd edition by  H.R.B. Fenn BOOKS NAME: Clinical Dental Prosthetics Books SERIES: Prosthodontics language : English PUBLISH: December 1, 2004 ISBN-10 / ASIN: 8123910797 Publisher: CBS Publishers & Distributors Author: H.R.B. Fenn Description Covers the areas such as applied anatomy; introduction to prosthetics; surgical preparation of the mouth; the selection of teeth; […]

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Master Dentistry Volume 1

Master Dentistry: Volume 1: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Radiology, Pathology and Oral Medicine Master Dentistry Volume 1 PDF is designed as a revision guide for dental students and offers the “curriculum essentials” in an easy-to-digest format. Each section is fully illustrated throughout and is supported by extensive self-assessment questions which allow the reader to assess their own […]

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