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Treatment of Leukoplakia

Treatment of Leukoplakia Excision modalities (surgery, laser ablation, cryosurgery) Option to observe lesions diagnosed as benign hyperkeratosis or mild dysplasia Possibly photodynamic therapy Topical cytotoxic drugs (bleomycin) remain experimental. Recurrences common following apparent complete excision Prognosis Guarded Observation with repeat biopsies to be performed Prevention Elimination of tobacco use and heavy alcohol consumption Recurrences may […]

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Differential Diagnosis of Leukoplakia

Differential Diagnosis of Leukoplakia Other white lesions Frictional keratosis Burn (thermal/chemical) Hyperplastic candidiasis Lichen planus Genetic alterations (genodermatoses) White sponge nevus Hereditary benign intra- Dyskeratosis epithelial dyskeratosis Diagnosis • Performance of a biopsy is mandatory after elimination of any suspected causative factors • Multiple biopsies of large lesions are needed to be performed due to […]

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Clinical features of Leukoplakia

Clinical features of Leukoplakia An idiopathic white (sometimes white-and-red) patch Most common on lip, gingiva, buccal mucosa Increased risk of dysplasia or carcinoma when occurring on tongue, floor of mouth, vermilion portion of lip Clinical subsets include homogeneous, verrucous, speckled, and proliferative verrucous leukoplakia (proliferative form may be multiple and persistent) Cases may advance or […]

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Eitiology / Causes of Leukoplakia

Eitiology / Causes of Leukoplakia Essentially unknown, although many cases related to use of tobacco or areca nut in its various formulations Other possible factors include nutritional deficiency (iron, vitamin A) and infection (Candida albicans, human papillomavirus).

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