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Endodontic Radiology, 2nd Edition – Bettina Basrani PDF

Endodontic Radiology 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Bettina Basrani examines all elements of radiographic imaging related to endodontics. Authors build upon conventional radiographic strategies and embody the latest information obtainable on digital radiographs and cone beam computed tomography. More than an overview of apparatus, the book delves into radiographic interpretation, differential analysis, technical difficulties and […]

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Endodontics 6th Edition by Ingle and Bakland PDF

Endodontics 6th Edition Free PDF Download Ebook. Ingle and Bakland deal with maxillary sinusitis and endodontic illness, expanded by CT scans is featured. The most recent endodontic armamentaria are covered in depth.  With a roundup of the world’s specialists in all phases of the specialty, this book guarantees to be the final word in endodontic […]

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Principles of tooth preparation

If there’s a missing tooth è Decay, overeruption, tilting, food impaction and gum diseases. Principles of tooth preparation: a-Biological consideration. b-Mechanical consideration. c-Esthetic consideration.   a-Biological Consideration: 1-damaging during tooth preparation – Prevention of damaging of adjacent tooth by a metal matrix, and proximal enamel of the tooth being prepared (lip or fin). – prevention […]

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Chronic Pulpalgia : Diagnosis and Treatment

Chronic Pulpalgia : Diagnosis and Treatment Chronic pulpalgia is completely irreversible.Patients complains about discomfort for weeks or even years, suppressing the pain with analgesics. Chronic pulpalgia often refers to other teeth or the opposing arch. Pain may be precipitated by biting down on an open cavity. Cold has little effect, but heat may increase the […]

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Acute Pulpalgia : Treatment

Acute Pulpalgia : Treatment Acute pulpalgia is found in three stages : incipient, moderate, and advanced. All three are related to advancing degrees of inflammation. Incipient acute pulpalgia Incipient acute pulpalgia should be completely reversible. It is characterized by mild discomfort such as that experienced following cavity or crown preparation. It may be gone by […]

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Pulpectomy method : step by step

Pulpectomy method : step by step : 1. Although local anaesthesia is usually not required, as the pulp is non-vital, there may be remnants of vital, inflamed tissue in the apical 1-3mm of the canal which may be sensitive. Furthermore, the tooth may be tender because of apical inflammation. 2. Rubber dam is required. 3. […]

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Common Endodontic Mishaps

Common Endodontic Mishaps Endodontic mishaps or procedural accidents are those unfortunate accidents that happen during treatment, some owing to inattention to detail, others being totally unpredictable. A list of the most common mishaps. Access related Treating the wrong tooth Missed canals Damage to existing restoration Access cavity perforations Crown fractures Instrument related Ledge formation Cervical […]

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Classification of pulp disease

Classification of pulp disease There is an inconsistent correlation between clinical symptoms and histological findings in pulpal disease. Diagnoses are, therefore, usually based on patient symptoms and clinical findings. Pulpal disease may result in changes to both the soft and hard tissues. Soft tissue changes Reversible pulpitis Reversible pulpitis is a transient condition that may […]

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Vital Pulp Therapy: Requirements for Success

Vital Pulp Therapy: Requirements for Success Vital pulp therapy of the inflamed pulp, on the other hand, affords an inferior success rate. Therefore the optimal time for treatment is in the first 24 hours, when pulp inflammation is superficial. As time increases between the time of injury and therapy, pulp removal must be extended apically […]

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