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Oral Pathology Lecture Notes Download

Oral Pathology Lecture Notes Download source : School Of Dentistry University Of Minnesota 01 Developmental Disorders.pdf 02 Teeth.pdf 03 Teeth 2.pdf 04 Teeth 3.pdf 05 Pulp, Periapical, Osteomyelitis.pdf 06 Bacteria.pdf 07 Fungi.pdf 08 Viruses.pdf 09 HIV.pdf 10 Physical and Chemical Injuries.pdf 11 Immunologic.pdf 12 Lichen Planus.pdf 13 Epithelial.pdf 14 Leukoplakia.pdf (14 Leukoplakia revised.pdf) 15 Oral Cancer.pdf […]

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Oral Histology, Embryology & Genetics Powerpoint Lecture Download

Oral Histology, Embryology & Genetics Powerpoint Lecture Download Powerpoint links collected from the website of : School Of Dentistry University Of Minnesota   1 Oral Mucosa.pdf ppt 2 Embryology 1.pdf color (updated) 3 Embryology 2.pdf color 4 Embryology 3.pdf color 5 Embryology 4.pdf color 6 Embryology 5.pdf color 7 Head & Neck.ppt 8 Tooth Development.pdf ppt […]

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Dental Powerpoint Lecture Notes Download

Dental Powerpoint Lecture Notes Download : ( collected from the website of :Ternopil State Medical University)   1 Introduction and types of diseases.ppt 2 Traumatic lesions.ppt 3 Metabolic and Genetic Disorders.Amyloidosis.ppt 4 Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Tuberculosis, Leprosy.ppt 5 Formation of a fibrillar protein deposited in soft tissues.ppt 6 Pemphigus.ppt 7 Allergic diseases.ppt 9 Early methods of diagnostic […]

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TMJ – NORMAL ANATOMY PPT File Size :  4.45 MB Download :   The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)  The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is composed of the temporal bone and the mandible, as well as a specialized dense fibrous structure, the articular disk, several ligaments, and numerous associated muscles.   Also called as craniomandibular joint / […]

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Orthodontics Powerpoint download Part 1

Orthodontics PowerPoint download Part 1 Posterior cross bite in primary and mixed dentition .ppt Space maintainers .ppt ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES . ppt

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Pediatric Dentistry Powerpoint Download Part 1

Pediatric Dentistry PowerPoint Download Sports dentistry .ppt Predentate period pedodontics .ppt School dental health program .ppt Orofacial infections in children .ppt The tooth-function pedodontics .ppt Tooth mobility pedodontics .ppt Restorative materials for the posterior primary teeth .ppt

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Prosthetic Resin Polymers

Prosthetic Resin Polymers Demographic changes •Means an increased need for Prosthetic treatments Prosthetic Uses Denture bases Denture teeth Relining Materials Repair of dentures Provisional acrylic partial dentures Custom impression trays Mouth guards Fluoride and bleaching trays Facing on esthetical crowns Provisional restorations Removable tooth movement devices Orthodontic retainers Denture  base function •Distributes pressure over a […]

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