Causes and treatment of median diastema

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Causes of median diastema

  1. Developmental – Physiological central diastema may be quite natural till the time of eruption of permanent canines, particularly at the `Ugly Duckling` stage.
  2. Missing teeth, particularly lateral incisors.
  3. Macrognathia
  4. Microdontia
  5. Hereditary
  6. Racial
  7. Mild generalized spacing of teeth
  8. Congenitally missing teeth
  9. Peg laterals
  10. Supernumerary teeth in the midline between the roots of the incisors.
  11. Extraction of teeth in well aligned or large arch.
  12. Midline cystic lesion
  13. Thumb sucking
  14. Tongue thrusting
  15. Abnormal labial frenum
  16. Retained deciduous teeth
  17. Palatally erupted lateral incisors.
  18. During rapid palatal expansion.

diastema median Causes and treatment of median diastemaTreatment of median diastema

  • Elimination of causes, if any.

I. Extraction of supernumerary teeth

II. Surgical removal of abnormal frenum, midline cystic lesion etc.

  • Can be corrected by using removable orthodontic appliance:

I.Finger springs

II.Finger springs with labial bow

III. Split labial bow

  • Can also be corrected by using sectional fixed orthodontic appliance:

I. Pin and tube appliance

II.  Band the maxillary central incisors and attach brackets or buccal tube. Place a sectional arch wire and use elastic force in the form of figure eight or elastic modules.

III. In case of missing lateral incisor, gain space by using space regainer for the replacement of missing lateral or if there is inadequate space for the replacement of missing laterals, a canine can be brought forward and its shape suitably altered to look as a lateral.

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