Oral Pathology Lecture Notes Download

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Oral Pathology Lecture Notes Download

source : School Of Dentistry University Of Minnesota

01 Developmental Disorders.pdf

02 Teeth.pdf

03 Teeth 2.pdf

04 Teeth 3.pdf

05 Pulp, Periapical, Osteomyelitis.pdf

06 Bacteria.pdf

07 Fungi.pdf

08 Viruses.pdf

09 HIV.pdf

10 Physical and Chemical Injuries.pdf

11 Immunologic.pdf

12 Lichen Planus.pdf

13 Epithelial.pdf

14 Leukoplakia.pdf (14 Leukoplakia revised.pdf)

15 Oral Cancer.pdf

16 Oral Cancer 2.pdf

17 Histopathology of Some White Lesions.pdf

Critical evaluation of diagnostic aids for the detection of oral cancer.pdf

18 Pigmented.pdf 18 Pigmented Table.pdf

19 Salivary Glands.pdf

20 Hematologic.pdf

21 Dermatologic.pdf22 Systemic Diseases.pdf

23 Soft Tissue Tumors.pdf (ppt)

24 Bone Tumors.pdf (ppt)

25 Odontogenic Tumors & Cysts.pdf   25 Odontogenic Tumors & Cysts 2_opt.pdf

26 Non-Odontogenic Cysts.pdf27 Syndromes.pdf

27.Biopsy Techniques

28.Soft Tissue Tumors

29.Soft Tissue Tumors cont.

30. Epithelial Diseases

31. Epithelial Diseases cont.

32.Epithelial Diseases cont.

33.Hematologic Disorders color

34.Allergies & Immunologic Diseases


36.Viruses — Herpes


38.50 Lesionsmessage

39.Chemical/Physical Injury

40.Developmental Disorders

41.Salivary Gland Pathology

42.Salivary Gland Pathology cont.

43.Salivary Gland Pathology cont. Color pdf

44.Melonotic diseases and amalgam tattoos Color pdf

45.TeethOral Pathology Lecture Notes Download

46.Teeth cont.

47.Teeth lecture 3 of 3

48.Lichen Planus

49.Lichen Planus + Dermatologic disorders, Color version

50.Pemphigus vs. Pemphigoid plus other dermatological disorders, Color Version

51.Vitilite & Vscope.. Chemiluminescence–Enhancing Intraoral Examinations

52.Bone Tumors

53.Systemic Diseases

54.Odontogenic Cysts & Tumors 1

55.Odontogenic Cysts & Tumors 2

56.Odontogenic Cysts & Tumors 3

57.Pulp & Periapical Diseases

58.Dev. Cysts

source and copyright:School Of Dentistry University Of Minnesota

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